What Is an Essay?

Writing an Essay is a Common Task but Do We Know What an Essay Is?

All of us have been writing essays since our primary school years. So the question “What is an essay?” or “How to write my essay?” may seem a little too obvious. But there are many aspects of essay writing that distinguishes it from other forms of writing such as poems, reports or scripts. So, let us consider what the main features of an essay are and how essays can be written in different forms.

As essay is a short piece of writing, which discusses, describes or analyses a topic. An essay can have one or more than twenty paragraphs. It is more often than not written from the author’s personal point of view with the exception of expository essays which refrain from providing the authors opinions but merely reports other’s point of views. . The tone of the essay can be funny, serious, straight-forward or just a report of a situation or a particular event. This will depend on the type of essay. If it’s an analytical essay, the tone will be logical and serious. A love essay as Romeo & Juliet essay on the other hand can have a romantic and lighthearted tone to it.

Essay Format

In writing essays, you need to follow a general essay format. A proper essay should have a beginning which is the introduction section, a middle which consists of the body and an end which forms the conclusion. An essay is written around a central idea, which is stated in a thesis statement at the introduction and throughout the essay, the idea should be first and foremost. This is the central point of the essay and the glue that holds the essay together.

Different Types of Essays

  • Argumentative : The type which tries to persuade the reader to the author’s point of view.
  • Comparison : This shows the difference between what the author writes about.
  • Definition : This type defines a certain item or thing.
  • Descriptive : Describes something with details.
  • Narrative : Written in the form of a story.
  • Critical : Describes the weaknesses and strengths in someone else’s work.
  • Cause and effect : Explains why or how something happened and the result of it.

Length of Essay

It is always better to have more than one paragraph in an essay. This is because it is not possible to write about the topic, support details and provide a conclusion in one paragraph. Five paragraph essays are very common in terms of length and most of the middle school essays tend to be restricted to 500-word essays. However, the length of an essay should not be a major concern. If the point is made, then the author’s work is done.

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